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Hey, It's good to help a bit in the 2006 project, well, was less important, I mean, I just remade the riders monitor box sprites, this is a suprise for me, my tiny and remade-riders-monitor-box sprites are in beautifull maps (lol) , so, talking about the mod, I didn't passed at 100%, just finished at a half of Flame Core (basically passed the 45% in the mod), because it was too laggy for me... shitty laptop. -_- (Intel Celeron 847)

Anyway, at least I tested and passed almost a half of the mod, the structures are awesome, looks like a landscape! (... I don't know if my english is failing there), well, I didn't played in-software too much because there was some bugs in the structures, I played it in opengl in my pc (Pentium Dual Core E5400, a bit more better than my laptop), and looks awesome with JeckJims' models in it! Well, there are some challenging parts in the maps, specially in city esc- Crisis City, but I didn't have a problem in it. Anyway, Nice mod, keep it up. ;)

EDIT: When I noticed my name in the description, I said "WHEN?!", It's because I was innactive in the MB (and discord) a long time, and now I remember lol.
Hey! Glad you liked it :D And yes some levels are too big wich causes the lag in some parts. Your monitors work really well I think, so thank you! Now try to beat the rest of the levels ;)
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