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This is.....what, the 4th or 5th Sonic 2006 levelpack made for SRB2? Not that it matters, it's fantastic to see more of this stuff and you keep improving in general! There's plenty of speed-platforming and exploration going on, the amount of custom textures/skyboxes/sprites you use are impressive, and I love just how big and open everything is. I do have some issues with this first version, though, which could've maybe used some final polish after a good playtesting.

Mach Speed sections glitched all players in netplay(though I did have Silver and Shadow added) forcing everyone to run fast even outside of mach speed sections. You could be a bit more generous with monitors and checkpoints. The amount of gameovers I saw people getting(especially in White Acropolis' slope-jumping section) were insane. Maybe hide some more shields in crates or simply out in the open. Nothing wrong with a small mini-challenge in plain sight over having to scavenge every nook and cranny for supplies.
Released addons so far:

SRB2 Metroid Edition(Samus.wad)
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