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Yeah, I was going to say, Alam hadn't actually informed us that he shut down the master server. I learned about it the same way you all did, by reading his post here.

The default position when the MS goes down is "well, something broke internally again" because that happens. A lot. What has never happened, to the best of my knowledge, is the MS ever getting hacked. Any historical exploit that hurts SRB2 has not been a result of someone hacking the MS directly, so the idea that the MS went down because of the SRB2 exploit to us is silly without someone actually saying "Oh hey I'm taking this down."

So yes, Inu was wrong here, but I wouldn't insinuate that he was being dishonest, unfair, or unreasonable. The MS going down is a very normal, if infrequent, occurance and I don't think it's fair to fault him for presuming that what happened to it is what always happens to it, especially when the relevant information was only in the hands of one person, the person who actually shut it down.

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