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Flicker Lights Zone > Ghost Battle > Eggmanway7 > Emerald Flower Zone > Mother Lode Canyon Zone

Flicker Lights Zone - This level is scary. Everytime I make a jump, I have the feeling I will miss it. But it was fun, and the gimmick worked pretty well. There were some cases were there is no point to have the lights switch because you could still see the platforms.

Ghost Battle - It was really fun battling against that pumkin guy, but also quite easy. Also, I liked the little intro with that small room that floats up. Good job.

Eggmanway7 - It's a little too short, but nicely detailed and most obstacles require multiple tries in order to actually learn them and pass them before metal sonic. A fun map overall.

Emerald Flower Zone - This level would've worked much better if it wasn't so big and if didn't resemble GFZ2 so much, but there are parts of the level which are actually fun.

Mother Lode Canyon Zone - Again, unnecessarly big and overall empty. The rotating polyobjects are a bit glitchy and the game crashes everytime I die. Weird.

Seabound Ruin Zone > Rocky Field Zone > Archive Stronghold Zone > Grift Relic Zone

Dual Heavens Zone > Magma Plant
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