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Hey look! SP reviews!

Ghost Battle > Flicker Lights > Eggmanway 7 > Mother Lode Canyon > Emerald Flower

Spoiler: Reviews

Ghost Battle, by chi.miru

It was actually interresting. I guess I can't say much about it, sadly, because I didn't see anything really wrong with it. It also definetly beats pretty much everything from my standpoint.
...Also blame me, I used Moonblast a bit too much in the video I'm gonna upload.

Flicker Lights, by Kevin

If it isn't some interresting gimmick you got there!
There was nothing really wrong with the level itself, but I gotta say it actually lacks a secondary path and all. I was also constantly jumping on the lights to avoid eventual holes on the not- lighted parts, but you apprently didn't put a lot, which kinda ruins the concept of fellowing the lights IMO. The fact that it has an actual interresting gimmick makes it deserve the 2nd place, for me at least.

Eggmanway 7 and all the long title that I'm lazy to even write, by toaster and Zipper

I have to admit that I was excited at first, like, a lot!
...But this quickly turned into some disapointement, like... a lot, too.
The thing with that level is that it's a Metal Sonic race, so well, I guess I can already put off my head any idea about exploring the level, but it's also really short and pretty damn easy (I failed the first time on the vid I'm gonna upload because I'm blind, but the second attempt was pretty much cheesecake) I have to say that the visuals and the level structure in general were good however.
Even tough it was completly useless, I liked the story, and I'm looking forward to see if you two will eventually continue this.
Also that end of level music is my new one in my music.dta.

Mother Lode Canyon, by Chaobrother

It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't good either. The level has a lot of empty areas with nothing to do aside of running in them. The level kinda lacks visuals and texture diversity, and the part where I felt the level was getting interresting was nothing else than... idk? Some steel with red and blue squares on them? I thought this was something like a platform pattern to memorize, but it's nothing like that, and that's sad, because it would've been a far more interresting gimmick than magical fans floating in the sky IMO.

Emerald Flower, by glaber

Sorry to say it like that, but... Another GFZ clone from you?
Didn't you take in consideration what people said at your other GFZ clone attempt at the OLDC that just happened a whole year ago?
I tried to turn back and look for something, even some Rings boxes to find by exploring, but there was litterally nothing, it looks like some empty failed GFZ2 clone, and I preferred Emerald Lake 2 in all honesty.
The good thing with it is that it still has different pathways, but lacks a gimmick or even fun to play in.

Videos coming soon. I guess.
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