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Mother Lode Canyon Zone > Flicker Lights Zone > Ghost Battle > EGGMANWAY7:Quest for Eggmanways 1 through 4 - REVENGE OF FINAL DEMO > Emerald Flower Zone

My thoughts on the levels in the order I played them:
Ghost battle:
This was very well scripted custom boss fight. It was very involved and challenging. I really liked the intro scene.

Emerald Flower Zone:
This was a simple map with a generic theme. It did not seem to try to do anything interesting; as such it just came off as a very vertical GFZ.

Eggmanway 7:
Setting aside the fact that I don't know the context of the cutscenes or the theming, this was a very challenging Metal Sonic race map. My only issues with the map were the Detons (even if they did not cause you to lose rings, they are still annoying to have in open spaces) and the relatively small platforms. The size of the platforms is not the issue, it is the fact that you to be constantly moving in order to beat Metal Sonic as well as the fact that one missed platform means that you fail the race. I liked the ending theme.

Flicker Lights Zone:
This level reminds me of that one part in AAZ from Tortured Planet. I really enjoyed this map, you took a gimmick that can be incredibly annoying if done wrong and made it fun. Even when the lights were out the player could still see their surroundings. By doing this you made the level playable instead of making it “Wait for the Lights to Come on Zone”. Beyond that, the level had no glaring flaws.

Mother Lode Canyon Zone:
I released this map in the state that it is in just to make sure that there were enough entries for the contest. I appreciate all of the criticism given about this map. I am working on addressing and fixing everyone’s complaints for a final release down the line. The level is at its full length, it just lacks a huge amount of detail. Gimmicks will be modified to be more forgiving and dummied out content (namely the area at the end will be modified to work properly for the future release).

Below is an in depth analysis of my level which addresses some criticisms raised by the reviews.

  • The level name: I was never good at naming my levels (Scale the Earth Zone, Midnight Caves Zone). Even though MLCZ seemed to fit to me (given that term mother lode refers to huge veins of ore; namely gold or silver), it seems strange to others. As such I will change the name down the line. The level name was originally going to be called Sandy Canyon Zone or Ore Canyon Zone.
  • Fans and Fan particles: I need to figure out how to set fan particles to a certain height. For whatever reason only certain angles work for the fan particle generators. Other angles make the fan particles go nowhere. If I am unable to make the particles work correctly I will replace the fans with springboards.
  • Scenery: The most complete area of my map (the beginning) is a good indication of what the level will look like down the line. Caves will have exposed pockets of glowing crystals as well as glowing crystal outcrops. Outdoor areas will have ACZ aesthetic to them with erosion due to past waterfalls as well as standard ACZ enemies and decoration. The empty voids of nothing near the end of the level will look more canyon-like down the line. Rope hangs will also have supports stemming from rock above them to look more realistic. Pits (Namely in the right path at the beginning of the level) will have gradient brightness for the floor and ceiling.
  • Rope hangs and poly objects: The main gimmicks will be modified to be more reliable or easier. These difficult gimmicks were added to make the level more difficult than levels I made in the past.
  • Mysterious doors and the end area: Its very obvious that the end area of the level is seriously dummied out. The end area was dummied out content due to time constraints. The end area will have the player do a challenge in an allotted amount of time or else they will have to do a more difficult (and longer) out doors section.
    The first area will have the player defeat enemies in 10 seconds. If they succeed the door to the metal tube will open if this happens the player will not be able to access the harder area blocked off by the door on the right. If the player fails they will have to do the harder section and the shortcut door will not open.

    The second area will have the player complete a lights out puzzle (either by getting all red or blue tiles) in 20 seconds. Should they succeed the shortcut will open. If the player fails they will have to do the long difficult route.

    The third area has a player press a button within 30 seconds. Should they succeed, the door will unlock and a secret will be made available somewhere at the end of the level. If the player does not press the button in 30 seconds it will disappear, the secret will not be made available, but the door will still unlock. Then end of the level in the glass dome at the bottom of the end area.

    The strange doors near the middle of the level which do not open are for an incredibly difficult secret route which should take less time to complete than the normal route.

Overall the Single Player division was slightly below average. I think (at least in my case) levels were submitted just to show that there is still interest in the OLDC. Hopefully the next contest will have incredible levels!
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