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Single Player:
Ghost Battle > Flicker Lights > Eggmanway 7 > Emerald Flower > Mother Lode Canyon

My thoughts below:


Ghost Battle - Super fun, although by the third round I started to question how long it was going to go on for. 2 probably would have been enough, at least for me. Loved the idea of hitting the ghost in its ghost brain...thing...

Flicker Lights Zone - Also a lot of fun, the light flickering wasn't so unbearably slow like in a lot of similar types of levels in various games to make the experience bad. I also, for some reason, really liked that tiny little pond at the very end of the level.

Eggmanway 7 - This level was good, and looked great. However, some of the level design made me scratch my head. It was too based around platform cycles; the only real way to beat Metal Sonic was to get one platform cycle ahead of him then it was a cakewalk. Also, that enemy at the end was just...bad design really, there is no way of dodging it unless you already know it's there, and being right at the end I lost to Metal just because of that, which was some bullshit.

Emerald Flower Zone - Once I found the "Hedgie Radar", this zone actually became really fun to play. I really love the "Emerald Hunt" types of levels, so this was just a really big emerald hunt and some of the locations were pretty interesting. However, it was a little TOO big. Some of the rooms I found looked nice, like the initial indoor area with the spiral staircase and the water on the ground, but some (like the first room), were just way too tall and large.

Mother Lode Canyon Zone - It looked fairly nice, and had a decent atmosphere due to the seemingly endless bottomless pits. But besides that, there wasn't enough variation in level design (a LOT of platforms over bottomless pits), and some of the gimmicks were difficult/impossible to get to work (hanging sections, for example), causing a lot of trial and error gameplay.

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