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Single player: (maybe not final review)

Ghost Battle > Eggmanway 7: blah blah blah > Flicker lights > Emerald Flower > Mother Lode Canyon


Ghost Battle- Unique battle, interesting ideas good job!.

Eggmanway - A decent metal sonic race, was pretty good

Flicker lights - I wanted to like this, but a couple of things knocked points off. Ogl and software are completely different playstyles, I am guessing it supposed to be played in software. I guess I can't fault you with the way ogl and software handle lighting, but it does factor in. I was a bit confused by the whole lazer eyes hurting you thing. Maybe have it be a red semitransparent block.

Emerald Flower - kinda bland

Mother Lode canyon - Um kinda cheap uninteresting platforming over death pits.
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