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...geez... While I'm not in the best of moods today, I think I can review this fairly.

Chaos Factory:
Honestly I feel slightly disappointed that not enough slopes were involved in this. But on a serious note, this level is ridiculously flat, it's mostly a tunnel with a few turns to the left and right, leading up to a slow elevator to the goal post. This is mostly harmless for a beginner level...

However... What I really think warrants a review, is the "secret" in the level. Never have I ever thought I'd have a good reason to replay a level like this. The gauntlet... good god the gauntlet. If you're gonna handle turrets like that, at least allow the player to have a stationary umbrella/safe spot at least, getting to the secret led me to using Flare since I had trouble getting there as Sonic, but jesus, I was not ready for the turret hell I was put through later into the secret, the area it leads you to is kind of... anti-climatic, and while there is a safe exit so I wouldn't have to go through that again, 500 rings I was able to see through glass on a conveyor belt before getting there isn't even a good enough reward due to how many 1-ups you receive from rings alone, which by default, is two.

This level may be bland, but it's a nice start for a novice level designer, but good lord, a secret like that should at least test the player's reflexes so they DON'T get hurt, especially since rings the whole level before then is scarce as hell. The enemy placement is in the way, but easily passable, and since it's basically a hallway it could be a decent race map for Thokking Sonic and FSonic players.
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