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Honestly, I suggest you stop and take a step back and look at what your maps have. Then I want you to look at other people's maps, the ones that are considered good and bad, and SEE what works and what doesn't. You keep using the same horrible techniques over and over again. In particular:

Your maps have no flow. This contest entry is a perfect example of this. It's horrible in this regard and completely unenjoyable as a result. You have many other great examples of stages that are just terrible because the player constantly is stopping dead for no good reason other than the level forces them to.

Your maps have no direction to them. So many of the maps in this contest used arrows to point in the right direction, which isn't a particularly good method but it works better than what you're doing. If you take the natural choice in the path in this map of yours, you are thrown BACKWARDS in the stage. You can take this stage and basically turn it into a game of opening doors. If you open the right door, you get to continue, if you open the wrong door you're thrown back several doors and have to do a whole bunch of stuff all over again.

That's not fun or anything remotely resembling a good stage. Basically none of your stages are. I really suggest you read and find the rules you're breaking, because it's frequently different things you're screwing up each time, but they're all listed on that page.
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