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Heaven Meadows Zone - 6/10
Not bad, it could use a bit of work, not to mention I found some redwall under a tree at one point. But redwall aside, it was nice to look at, but the gameplay was a bit too awkward.

Great Gorge of Water Zone - 5/10
This was quite interesting, a level where water is more of a gimmick rather than a handicap. The only thing holding this level back was the lack of different textures, not to mention, a bit more sector scenery woul've been nice.

Scale the Earth Zone - 3/10
Wow, this level was really hard to navigate through. It was more like: Scale random areas, as opposed to scale the 'earth'. The falling lava was good, but it would 've helped if there was some sort of indication as to where the lava falls.

Scorching Factory Zone - 6/10
Not a bad level at all, it was kind of bland throughout the level but the gimmicks you added kept it alive. The Bowser Fireballs part was definately something new. The other thing was, it's too short, try extending the level a bit.

Endless Woods Zone - 7/10
Woot, this level was pretty good. it was a bit straightforward, but it had a nice feel to it. The scenery was placed in ideal locations and the lighting was a sight to behold. I certainly noticed the similarity between this level and that of Verdant Forest.

I'll do the single player maps later.
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