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Poloy Forest Zone, 5/10
I really can't say much here. Gameplay was sort of boring and the whole "the sides of the forest are on fire" thing looked horrible. Some platforming was annoying, but all in all the level was playable. I'm glad it's not just some generic level at least....

Dusty Desert Zone, 8/10
This was somewhat cramped at times, and hard to maneuver through, but once you got past those parts then the level was great. Not much in the scenery department, but the level itself was very fast paced and generally fun. Also, the platforming part with the blue spring was really annoying, I had to try it over at least 3 times before I could pass it.

Mill Citadel Zone, 7/10
As stated before, the music choice was extremely ill-fitting, especially with the atmosphere that the level gave off. Tunes 92 worked out best for me. The level flowed well, and the gimmicks were pretty fun. I didn't like the texture you used for the bustable walls though, and I felt that the level could've been more open at times. Also, after playing the level twice, there's really not much more to see.
I liked the way you hid the tokens though!

Frost Mountain Zone Act 2, 7/10
As I always say with your levels: it's a bit cramped. The sector layout and the design itself is nice, but just feels undersized to me. Also, I've told you this before, to make your rings float, just check the "float" box when in the item options for them. I don't know if you know this already or not, (though I don't know why you would choose to ignore it). It's a lot easier than editing the ring's z-position.

Floating Gardens Zone, 6/10
While I liked the length, and how the level is so open, it generally feels....empty. A lot of the time there will just be wide open spaces with absolutely nothing in them. Also, there is still no logical transition between the castle themes and temple themes. The parts with castle textures are just there to be there (much like a lot of other obstacles). I like it when stuff feels like it's supposed to be there.

Darkvile Castle Zone, 5/10
The level is pretty much playable, but aesthetics are lacking. There's really nothing new here, and not much to say.

Beach Factory Zone, 4/10
The level felt dead. It's really linear, there seems to be only one pathway, the beach was short lived, and there wasn't really any indication (except for the textures) that this place was a factory. It didn't really feel like anything at all.

Aqua Caves Zone Act 1, 8/10
Great music and texture choice. The level flowed really well, and was very fun to play. I liked the fish, but were they enemies or scenery objects? I don't know, I never got hit by one, so they seem like pretty harmless enemies if they are enemies.
Also, the rising spikes in the underwater part gave me a game over twice. X_X
I don't know if that was the fault of the level or my own stupidity.

Water Leaf Zone, 7/10
I don't know what to say really. I liked the level, but that's about it.

Eggmansion Zone Act 1, 7/10
I liked how the level was difficult, and how it flowed rather nicely, but I really didn't like how you pretty much overloaded on every annoying enemy in the game. Detons popped outta nowhere, with almost no time for dodging them, and Jettysyns and Crawla Commanders would come out at the worst times possible and land me in a bad situation. Also, I don't think the music choice fit too well, but the level was still fun regardless.

Vibrant Vendetta Zone, 6/10
I'm not really sure if I know how to phrase this, but here it goes: I didn't like the atmosphere, the gimmicks seemed present just for the sake of being present, and, well, I just pictured Vibrant Vendetta Zone looking so much more different. Sorry if I'm coming off as biased when giving the review, but I simply didn't like the level much. There's really nothing wrong with it, I just didn't feel like I was playing a level that should wear the name of "Vibrant Vendetta".
My favorite part of the level though, was the organic-looking-ground-that-was-rippling part of the level. I sat there playing around with it, and drooling over it for a little over some ~30 seconds before I got to playing the level again.

Keep up the good work guys! I really enjoyed playing this contest, and I look forward to the next.
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