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Default Re: Official Level Design Contest Voting: March/April 2009

Originally Posted by FuriousFox
MAPA5 - Scorching Valley Zone by Jellybones69

Please tell me that's not what I put in the e-mail I sent you. It's Scorching Factory Zone. Rrrr. Did I put that?

Originally Posted by Torgo
MAPA5 - Scorching Factory Zone by Jellybones69 - 0/10
Agh, another terrible map. The first thing that annoyed me at the zone is the lack of direction. When you are going to the fire section, I thought that you had to go on the sides at first. I don't think you should include that narrow side thing, it just confuses people. I am guessing you meant to make it a thok barrier? The flow and everything about this level made me cringe.
Which fire section? There's like, two fire sections. I was meaning to make a thok barrier, but I had no idea how to fix that narrow thing. I'm not sure in which part of the level you get lost though. I just want to know because I'm like fixing my levels. And 0? I'm sure there's been worse maps then this, but whatever. You are the only person that's scored it as of typing this.
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