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Darkvile Castle Zone is the result of me learning how to use buttons, as well as various other things. I didn't expect the water skip gimmick to be that popular though, I just put it in without much of an afterthought.

Beach Factory Zone Act 1 5/10
Decent, but not very memorable. A bit too much factory and not enough beach for me.

Water Leaf Zone 7/10
Above average, nice day-to-night transition. Only real problem was some of the platforming and dead-ends here and there.

Dusty Desert Zone 6/10
Long, but nothing too memorable other than the speed pad section.

Frost Mountain Zone Act 2 4/10
I prefer your first act to this. There are springs that don't send you to your destination, uninteresting design, and nothing too memorable.

Vibrant Vendetta Zone 7/10
Difficulty is somewhat aggravating at times. But I did enjoy the visuals and the gimmicks.

Floating Gardens Zone 6/10
Visuals are nice and pleasing to the eye, but otherwise the level is purely average and doesn't contain too many memorable elements.

Aqua Caves Zone Act 1 5/10
Visuals are great as is the custom enemy, but I disliked the somewhat cramped designs and the heavy use of Red Buzzes and Crawla Commanders.

Poly Forest Zone 4/10
I went around the loop at the beginning three times before I noticed that you had to turn around to find the next part of the path. That, coupled with confusing thok barriers and strange, damaging water, makes this map frustrating.

Darkvile Castle Zone lol/wut
As mentioned, this was the level that I created after learning how to make buttons. It's also my first slightly "normal" level, since my other ones feature abnormal themes (Teleportation between elements; ice/fire level; some rocky crater thing in space).

Mill Citadel Zone 8/10
Excellent visuals and platforming, loved the "flour slide" or whatever. It felt a little too fast at times, however. But that's my only real criticism.

Eggmansion Zone 4/10
Visual Glitches Ho!
Now then, there's nothing too memorable about this zone except that other than the glitches, the visuals were somewhat neat. Though the music seems out of place, and it looked more like a castle then a mansion.
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