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Originally Posted by I'll Begin
Originally Posted by glaber
I know full well I can do that, but before I even post the new topic I need to figure out every thing I need to do to host. So far I know i need an email address to have the entries sent to (has gmail for that), a place to download the contest wads from (Has media fire), I need either winzip or winrar (has winrar), I would need to compile the multiplayer levels into one wad with XWE (has it), and the most important thing I believe I need is permission from either Mystic or FuriousFox to host the contest because the last time someone hosted without permission it either got overwritten by the official topic or deleted.
Or you can host them on my Sepwich so the link doesn't die. But now that Sonict has said "no", don't worry about it.
He didn't say no. he said that I didn't need to host the contest. While you took it to mean no, I took it at face value. I know I don't have to host it, I want to host it. That's why I've been asking about what I need in order to host it.

Oh and I still have files on mediafire from January of last year (When I started using it)
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