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Hi I'm necroposting because since StepMania is a 4-panel(-supporting) dance game and DDR is a 4-panel dance game they're similar enough to justify hijacking this topic into a 4-panel dance game general.

Spoiler: I did this today

I feel lonely just talking about this on IRC with Wolfy, so I'm bringing it here. If anyone else has DDR A nearby and bought into the eAmusement hype train, my rival code is 5142-5063 and you can expect 10-13 singles with a few doubles here and there. (I do try to push myself into the 14s and 15s, as evidenced above, but 13 is about the maximum I can go for good scores on at the moment.)

If the other local arcade would stop being lazy and sell me their dead Supernova already I'd have something more relevant to post here
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