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Electric Dungeon: 7/10

A nice SA style level, but it's a little hard. Also have a bug in first checkpoint. When you jump to the other side of the falling platform, and when you die and not get the next checkpoint, if you are Sonic, you have to restart the game because you can not reach the other side of the platforms.

Red Desert: 10/10

Yay, a classic STH3 level. Nothing more to say. Not very difficult, very detailed = Awesome!

Snowpoint Land: 6/10

Not very detailed, it's very simple, but it's very playable. A little unbalanced the amount of Crawlas.

Dimension Special Stage: 8/10

Yeah, it's a very very good model for a special stage. And accompanied with that music... yeah... But you take off two points because:

1. The stage is very simple. Only one texture? And no decoration.
2. A super stage to get a: Green Emerald?! WTF? Make a Soc to get the Master Emerald, etc...

Frost Mountain: 10/10

Epic music, guy. The epic music for: "I'm climbing the mountain, yeah I'm climbing..." Yeah... and awesome level.

Skyline Paradise: 7/10

Guys what is the problem with this level? A devastated city by Perfect Chaos... and Super Sonic flying into it... epic awesome... The two points I taked off:

1. Very labyrintical. Where is the exit to pass this skyscraper? And the stage should not end at the base of eggman. Try to make a... Chaos figure in the center of stage? Or something like that.
2. 500 seconds to pass the stage?! It isn't so long! And: DON'T-PUT-"Welcome to Skyline Paradise"-AT-THE-BEGINNING-OF-THE-STAGE, seems that SEGA put that thing to present the stage. And in a devastated city? NO!

Freezing Flare: 8/10

Super Mario Galaxy! YEAH! Freaking awesome, but the volcanic part it's a little short. And decorate more, please.

Water Ruins: 5/10

Sorry. Very simple. There are too many checkpoints. And very short. The 2D stages have to be more work for remaining as well as those of 3D.

Geothermal Volcano: 2/10

segment_violation. Sorry. But the stage had a good pint.

All the reviews were made by Luisete, and sorry for the bad english.
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