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Default Using lvlconv.exe to convert 1.09.4 levels to v2.0

1. Press Start -> Run...

2. Type "cmd" and hit Enter

3. Navigate to your SRB2 folder using the "cd" command.

4. Type lvlconv [filename] [mapnumber], where [filename] is the name of the wad and [mapnumber] is the 2 digit map number.
NOTE:For extended map numbers (A0-ZZ), you can still just use the 2 letters used as the map number.

5. The window will display information about how it is converting the map. It will not be a perfect conversion, due to changes made in v2.0.
a. All Silver Ring (25 Rings) monitors will be converted to Super Ring (10 Rings) monitors. The Silver Ring monitor no longer exists.
b. The map will only be converted in the Normal difficulty. Easy, Hard, and Very Hard difficulties have been removed from the game.
c. Headers and other SOCs will not be converted. These will have to be rewritten or converted manually.
d. Weapon Rings will be converted to Weapon Ammo. Multiplayer levels are probably better off being completely redesigned.
e. Inferno Shield converts to Force Shield. Inferno's abilities have been absorbed into the Elemental Shield.
f. Some effects are no longer supported and have no equivalent in v2.0. lvlconv will warn you when it encounters something like this and will tell you that you need to manually fix your level.
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