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The single player category has gotten poor in variety of maps again, and it seems the quality has gotten poor too evaluating from the reviews/rates. I'll enter my feedback soon...

EDIT: Okay here we go.

Lakeside Hill by Dails: 1/10

"There isn't any replay value for this map. There isn't anything fun to do in this map. There's barely anything TO do in this map. These are some requirements you need to think about when making a map Dails. Try adding in stuff that you think is really fun into your next time. Something fun that makes even you, yourself play this map over and over again.

There are flaws with this map as well. What's with the pointless lake? There's nothing to benefit the player enough to get out of the water except that blue spring which leads you back to from where you started. At the finish goal there are pits that you can't escape from. There's an open extra life monitor you can reach without even having to jump upon those 30 platforms you created in the sky which serves nothing basically. This map could have been created better."

Outerspace Threat Zone by Miles Knuckle Power: 1/10

"Come on now Miles... This wasn't any fun at all either. I didn't like the boss even though it was challenging, but it was a bit too challenging. There's nothing much for me to say for this map.

I didn't know boss maps are now counted as single player maps. I mean, single player maps with a little bit to go through as regular levels and a boss at the end of them I agree and understand, but just arena boss maps... doesn't seem to fit as singleplayer maps in my personal opinon."

Sorry I couldn't enter my map in this contest at least everyone. Sparkling Icecap Zone still hasn't been finished, and I want to polish it up some more. I didn't want to end up entering a rush map as of almost like everyone that did in this contest.
Solar Egglipse in progress.

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