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Originally Posted by Dash the Hedgehog
Jason said he removed the "flyme" command. Right? This is because he started the bots from scratch I believe.
I didn't bother much with co-op bots this time around, sorry... But you can use the console variable "botcoopai" to make them use modified race mode AI instead. (Kill enemies, collect rings, etc.)

Originally Posted by Jurai_Madman
This is amazing JTE, although if SSNTails were to put this in plain SRB2, I would carve him a statue as the greatest programmer yet.
This saddens many people. The whole point of my putting it in SRB2JTE is because I can't put it in SRB2 official because SSNTails hates/unsupports me. You know, JTE is unsupported and may crash your computer kthxbye. :(

Originally Posted by Shuffle
If you play SRB2JTE alot, you'll undoubtedly run into it. Really, there IS no reason to use normal SRB2 unless you're netgaming.
Don't let that stop you from using SRB2JTE to netgame, though. No weirdness is known to occur in netgames or modified games~...
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