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That's an external timer laid over in video editing. Pick any one from the Timers section on this page. (The one I used in that video is WSplit, but the other global records posted used LiveSplit.)

If you want to record it live over the footage, you'll need a recording program that supports that. I used Open Broadcaster Software set to record-only mode in my video, but that requires a lot of processing power to work even passably. If you need to, you can run the timer without recording it and then either rerecord the timing later to layer over the video in editing or... just omit it. It doesn't have to show up on the video. (That said, if you use a split timer but don't add it to the video, it may be a good idea to screenshot your final splits and link to that in the video description?)

I have a Lua script that automatically times the game from start to finish without counting loading times... but that'd be modifying the game, which isn't cool for time attacks. I'd like to look into having a formal "all levels" record attack mode in the game later on...
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