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Zalewa released a new update, give it a try, Also we seem to have found a bug in SRB2, Read about it below :
Originally Posted by Zalewa
Updates ready for testing on beta update channel.

Quote from "Unknown"

Also the following Server settings [...] if you add them it would be really appreciated

Added all but SCRAMBLEONCHANGE in this commit: [^]

I omitted SCRAMBLEONCHANGE for now because current plugin API makes it impossible to add this property within realms of sanity. I can only add boolean flags and integer values and I can't provide tooltips. This property isn't self-explanatory. I'll add it when I get around to improving current API (which might take another 2 months or so)

Quote from "Unknown"

You can't load more than 1 Lua file for some reason .

Should be fixed: [^]

Quote from "Unknown"

Another bug or not working feature, Doomseeker doesn't launch the game with the wads loaded if they're not inside the game folder (the wads that it downloads) , although it's possible to do that Manually if you use -file "Directory/yourwad.wad" "Directory/yourlua.lua" ... etc , i mean it's possible to load the files from outside of SRB2s folder but it doesn't work for Doomseeker.

My investigation revealed that it is not possible to load files outside of SRB2 folder when there's '-connect' present in the command line. Files can be loaded only if they're in a subtree under srb2.exe. I created a 'lol' directory and put some .lua files there and the game found them in that directory and loaded them when I tried to join a server that required them. It almost looks like the game ignores '-file' arguments when '-connect' is present on the command line.

I did nothing about this for now. I believe that it's a bug in the game and it should be fixed. If it's impossible then I have a shitty solution where Doomseeker would create a temporary directory within SRB2 directory and copy the WAD files there and then remove them when game exits. This allows for some potential situations where it will fuck up and fail to remove the temp dir and leave trash files that will hog up the drive and confuse the game upon subsequent runs. Another solution is to point Wadseeker to store files within SRB2 subdirectory, which might not sit very well with you if you also want to run normal Doom games using the same Doomseeker config and/or suffer from OCDs (no insult intended). It will also nicely fuck up if you installed SRB2 to "Program Files" and have UAC enabled - from experience there are people who are unaware why it's impossible for programs under usual circumstances to write to "Program Files" directory and its subdirs.

Please note that "create game" actions don't suffer from this problem as there's no '-connect' in cmd line there.
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