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Originally Posted by TheCreeperDemon View Post
Question. It is not related to the update but I just wanted to ask this. In the game how could you get from a volcano to outer space?
While I don't know how Sonic, Tails and Knuckles canonically go to outer space, I do know the game is missing RVZ acts 2 and 3, and there have at least been plans for a "Dark City Zone" and "Grand Eggship Zone" to go between RVZ and ERZ (I believe). The missing levels might involve stuff related to how they go to space.

Or if you want an answer that fits the current version of Sonic Robo Blast 2, the volcano probably erupted so hard Sonic and company were flung into space, which we just don't see due to there not being cutscenes. But this isn't confirmed to actually be the case yet.
Edit: A developer has now said they got from a volcano to outer space "very carefully", which doesn't fit this explanation about being shot out of a volcano, so this theory can thus be dismissed.

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