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Originally Posted by Gemini the Roleplayer View Post
For some reason, I'm having huge problems with SRB2Win... It just sits there in the background, never showing up, no matter what I do. SRB2DD works sometimes, but I can't go online, as you said, so... I don't know what to do. I got it working last night, but today, it no longer works.

EDIT: turns out it was AVG's fault, the second I added it to the exceptions list, it started working.
Huh, curious, my AVG did something similar when I tried to run 2.1.17's srb2win.exe for the first time too, though at least it told me it detected something it thought was strange. Added it to exceptions list and all was fine. srb2dd.exe doesn't seem to set off AVG oddly enough, wonder why?
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