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Originally Posted by MK.exe View Post
Well, it looks better than before but some places have some weird textures such... Purple jungle wall textures? unless that's intentional which isn't the best combination.

Slopes coming out of the 'water' in the 2nd to last image seem weird too. They feel like you just put those slopes there just for the sake of slopes... Maybe remove them or smoothen the slope to make them look nicer.

Other than that, a nice improvement and it does feel less empty
I did a re-placement texture instead of jungle wall, i just didn't posted because it's a little change, maybe i'll just update images (i agree it were shitty)
About slopes... No, it's just the angle of the image, the front is a slope and back is a plataform (also, any bug here, tell me, this part is new) I also tried to make another slope there but, it's in a diagonal angle, so it's hard to change something

Originally Posted by LakeFeperd
Welcum to Hedge Land, world's best mental hospital.
Updated SC:

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