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Permanently Banned

Originally Posted by Mystic
No, it's much, MUCH worse than that.

Steps to ban someone previously:

1. Go into the ban control and ban them.
2. Go into the user control and change their title to "Tempbanned (Strike 1)"
3. Go into the Staff Lounge and add the line "Username (Strike 1; Ban Reason; Date)" into the Administrative Action Log
4. Private message the banned user with the ban reason.
5. Three days later, unban him, change his user title back, and go back into the Administrative Action Log to report that the ban has been undone.
Now, then, that SUCKED.
Well, Mystic, just to ban them normally wouldn't take too long, but since all of the bans are pretty much specialized here, I can see how this is a huge improvement.

Oh, by the way, did you code in the ability for the forum to automatically unban a user after a certain amount of time? If not, I say that would be pretty useful, and;

Originally Posted by ah2190
But yet if someone used more than one account, that could be a problem. If you ban just one of them, they could use the others, and they would had evaded the ban by doing that. If I was a mod, and I found out that someone was using more than one account, I would send a message to all of the accounts that they better deleate all but one account - if they give a GOOD reason why they are using more than one account, I would let them be, but if not, and they didn't deleate all but one account, I would deleate ALL their accounts - no exception! But I'm not a mod, just a normal user. So I couldn't do that, even if I wanted to. But this would help stop people from advoiding bans.

Adam Hillman.
Ok, I don't want to be banned for backseat moderating, but do I even have to say it?

Adam, the administrators can tell who is evading a ban easily by checking their IP, and yes, people DO get banned for evading bans. There would be no reason for someone to use more than one account other than evading, and there is no good enough reason to use more than one. Honestly, you don't have to delete it, you disable the account, and ban the regular one, this way you can tell which account is which (copy vs. real), but usually if it's a useless account, such as one without posts, they do a member purge which gets rid of them, and sort of "cleans up" the member list. "Advoiding bans" is actually a good thing, and why would you want to help stop it? To avoid a ban means to follow the rules in order to stay, and trying hardest not to break one. Evading a ban is a different story, but if they've been permanently banned (either Strike 3, or the newest one, (Permbanned Instant)) they won't be able to even see the forum from their own household (considering the house uses the same router, and not more than one (which doesn't make sense)), which renders them pretty much screwed. I hope that helped explain things.

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