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Originally Posted by Segmint
Well, they would have to go to the Admin CP and manually input their IP, which would show on the main page of the Admin CP, but it's a bit of a hassle, and takes too long. Two clicks is faster, and I gotta say, it makes a huge difference.

Edit: Well, actually, if they banned the IP, they wouldn't even be able to see the forums, so the tempbans are by user, in which they would have to manually input the username.
No, it's much, MUCH worse than that.

Steps to ban someone previously:

1. Go into the ban control and ban them.
2. Go into the user control and change their title to "Tempbanned (Strike 1)"
3. Go into the Staff Lounge and add the line "Username (Strike 1; Ban Reason; Date)" into the Administrative Action Log
4. Private message the banned user with the ban reason.
5. Three days later, unban him, change his user title back, and go back into the Administrative Action Log to report that the ban has been undone.

Now, then, that SUCKED.

Thanks to AJ, the entirety of the above is under a simple "Ban" button next to the user's post, and I simply enter in the duration, reason, and the user title I want them to have and it does the rest for me. It even displays which strike the guy is on. None of that junk is necessary anymore. Banning goes from taking 5 minutes to taking 5 seconds.
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