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I was pretty much aware of how the climbing order works, though I was unsure in which order I should leave it like. You can suggest a different order for it, in case you got any idea. I would honestly prefer if the climbing animation in SRB2 worked with 4 frames rather than using 3, having the first frame of the animation to be the one he is sticking to the wall, as it feels unnecessary to have a frame just for sticking to the wall.

The balancing animations there, yeah, I wanted to make it a bit angry-ish because I thought it would look odd to keep his same usual eye expression, otherwise it wouldn't seem as much he would be caring that he is about to fall off. Kinda got that inspired on how Sonic has his on edge animation in Sonic 1, thought it would fit for Knuckles here.

@Iceman404: Oh wow, now you got me interested about making this one.

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