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Do any of the rest of us really care if they're not detail-perfect to the Sonic 3&K Knuckles sprites? After all, this is a character for SRB2, and I'm pretty sure SRB2 Sonic runs in the exact same way anyway!

On that note though, perhaps I'll give my own opinions on this here:

Frankly, the side climbing animation you've used as an example is pretty much one of the best (if not *the* best) of the new sprites you've added there. Most of the rest of the new sprites don't seem as fantastic as some others are making out to be.

The fact you now see the back of Knux's head while running and gliding is an interesting idea, though I'm not quite fond of how it's done - makes the dreadlocks a bit fat/3D-ish. For that matter, most of the gliding animations's angles look weird too, though I see its already been addressed why this is the case. The back of the climbing looks really off, with that big dreadlock-carrying head of his taking up most of the sprite - those dreadlocks really are too long!

On another note, I think you've fallen into the trap of assuming all of frames W to Z are part of the climbing movement animation - this is not the case; frame W is for the climbing idle frame, and frames X to Z are the actual climbing animation (which actually goes back and forth to loop rather than from last->first). I can understand it if you didn't know this before, given only recently did I actually put any if that info on the SRB2 Wiki at all. =S

The teetering/on-edge/whateveryoucallit animation looks fine though, aside from the fact Knux's eyes look too angry-ish to me. =x
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