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@Neo Chaotikal: I politely ask that you try to be less destructive with your criticism by not claiming I ruined it.

@sonicfreak94: I felt really unsure when it came to make the Q2Q8 and Q4Q6 angles, due to the lack of reference I kind of had, and not exactly being a Knuckles expert yet. Same goes for U2U8, U3U7, and U4U6, I didn't know how I should make his dreads go like in those, so I'd be glad if you had any suggestions or tips that could help me on those, as I personally also want to change those as well. I also see what you mean about the climbing frames, I'll get to edit those when I get the chance to do so. On the balancing frames, I tried to make the angle animations to look close to be the same as the original back one, but not sure if I was successful in doing that, so I'd be glad for criticism on that one as well.

On the highlights, they could be easily brought back as they were simply just recolored over with colors that weren't really being used on the vanilla sprites before, and I also agree that the contrast on it does seems quite weak. I'd make his head highlights slightly brighter (just not as bright as before), though it would kind of ruin one of my intentions with his colors. The vanilla Knuckles, when changing his color skin, his head did look highly bright in comparison to Sonic and Tails in the game, and in some occasions, his head was even close to being white.

While changing his head highlights to some more red did do better to that occasion as seen in here, it does looks a bit flat in the red palette (I swear it looked much better in the blue colors when I was editing it), so it makes me unsure of what I should do about this. Suggestions for that are welcome.
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