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Here´s my list:

I have gotten stucked with Tails many times on Special Stages. Somehow, I touch a wall while running, and then the character seems to be inside the wall. You see it outside, but you can only move touching the wall. If you run a lot in many ways you can get out through.

Lag issues in CEZ2. I think it has something to do with some kind of variable or memory filling, because it gets worst over time. For example, if I arrive to the end of the stage in 4 minutes, the room doesn´t lag that much. If I stay there doing things, it gets worse and worse. Around 12-15 minutes it gets unplayable. So I don´t know what is it, but it lags more over time.

There´s a tube on ERZ1 (left path, don´t remember the exact one), where Knuckles get stuck in the middle of it, and you have to climb searching the way where the tube should have moved you to. I´ll tell exactly which one if I get again there.

I don´t remember any more issues, I´ll post them as I find them. By the way... Is it the last room in ERZ1 meant to be like that??? I´ve lost many lives trying to get through.
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