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I figure I'll let you know what you can expect to find when the Wiki is reopened.

Not much is getting added. What's mostly going on is a change in lists, templates, categories, etc to match ME's list. A lot of the new things in the game won't even have pages. Every new object listed will link to a blank page.

This Wiki update is not about getting actual ME content in there. It's about preparing to be able to get ME content in there. The line in that first post "Or about a month after", would refer to me actually putting in content for that while people are still playing the game.

The reason that this is not simply being done with the Wiki open is for two reasons:
1) When the new pages would be applied, every bit of work done on them prior would be lost anyways.
2) Because of GPL, I need to keep revision history as much intact as possible, so deleting and starting things new is not much of an option.
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