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Default Re: Reporting servers - How to do it right.

Originally Posted by Torgo
Originally Posted by Dark Warrior
If, after warning them, they continue, stay in the game for a good 10 minutes or so to collect a decent logfile.
I have a question about this one. I personally don't like playing in real coop mode if they do change it to a coop stage. Would saying something like "stay in legal levels" after you finish warning them and leave and come back when you see them in the illegal level again? Since I can see what level number they are in and what wads they have in the Srb2 MS launcher and the game type this is made possible. I also figure that they are not going to go back to the illegal level when I am in there.
If they go back to it after being warned, a straight out MS launcher screenshot or a reconnection and showmap command will suffice.
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