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Default Reporting servers - How to do it right.

Alrighty, guys. I've seen some reports on servers that I would love to take care of. However, there is a problem with the way the logs are being sent. I'm seeing either no log at all, or I'm seeing snippets from logs.

So, here's how you can report these servers, and help us take care of the problems plaguing the MS.

If you have joined a game, and it is apparent they're not playing SRB2, doing so in a bad manner (swearing, saying stupid things, kicking people randomly, etc.), or generally breaking the rules, warn them that they are breaking the Master Server rules, and will be banned. If those of us who are capable of banning on the MS do not see a warning, we will not be able to do anything. For the record, saying "Reporting you!" is not a warning. A proper warning would be along the lines of "If you don't stop roleplaying, I'm going to report you." The "Reporting you!" kind of warning will force us not to do anything about the rule-breaking server.

If, after warning them, you are kicked, close SRB2, and report the server, and include logs, immediately. To send over logs, open up the logfile it generates. For those who don't know, it's called "log.txt", and is found in the main SRB2 folder. Copy the contents on the logfile to, and submit it. Then, head over to, and click on the server name that is being reported. Write up a brief summary on what they're doing wrong, and include links to the logfiles put on in the Logfiles section. It is important that you copy all of the stuff in the logfile, as we need to see the map being used, and all the wads that have been added. Please be extra sure to include that. Don't put the contents of the logfile in the logfile -URL. This will lead to the reporter being banned from if it continues.

If, after warning them, they continue, stay in the game for a good 10 minutes or so to collect a decent logfile. Send it over to us using the same method explained above.

If, for any reason, you suspect they may start doing the same garbage again on a new game, copy the logfile of the first incident and save it somewhere so that you can include it in the next report. If you explain that one of the logfiles is from an earlier incident where they were legitimately warned, that warning counts for the second logfile for the new game as well, and you do not need to warn them a second time. But you must explain that one of the logs is from a previous game, and not the current one.

Now, I should also comment something I've seen requested a few times in the summaries:
We will not give a person extra ban time for insulting a girl, for being racist, or for any other kinds of these reasons. These all fall under the General Stupidity Rule, and will be treated as such.

Please, also remember: Just because you filed a report, does not mean that the person will be banned. We ban as we feel we need to. Telling people that they're going to be banned from the MS just because you filed a report is wrong, because there's a chance that they won't be. In that case, you will be the one who looks foolish, not the host. So please refrain from lines similar to "You're going to get banned now!"

For those of you reporting rule-breaking servers correctly, I thank you for helping to make the MS a place that everyone can enjoy.
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