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Default Netcode Nightmare

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Okay, most people on the IRC have seen me rage and complain about this, and it's time this gets sent to its place.

Resynch is supposed to pause the game and synch in the state that the player out-of-synch is not in. Most joining players hate waiting forever, or for synch to fail them, and leave to rejoin again. However, when resynch starts to occur, and the person leaves as resynch is going on, The server freezes. Apparently, this is synch's fault, as the server tries to synch in A STATE THAT DOESN'T EXIST. This result is all the more bullshit, due to the server's frozen state of synch, trying to shut down the server by returning to the title screen crashes the game. A popup message during the crash says: "Tried to transmit to another node" and closes the game. This is a serious problem I wish i could find a solution to, but it's so unavoidable, because the 2.1 feature to make c-fails a living thing of the past, has created 100 more problems for SRB2 Players everywhere. If anything about this netcode should be fixed, it's this fucking problem.
The bad netcode will be a living thing in the past once I have found a solution. The netcode is trying to make sure everything is in synch which is not really a good idea to code. I'm deciding to investigate the netcode so I can fix it.
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