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Originally Posted by 犬夜叉 View Post
Or, you know, you could read the very first post which outlines exactly why the MS has problems, instead of making wild (and incorrect) guesses...
Originally Posted by AlamGBC View Post
Sigh, as server administrator, I had shutdown the masterserver due to some DUMBASS that was watching the listing and sending "invalid" doomcom packets to crash the hoster, until an update comes down to address this, no server listings.

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I know we're trying to avoid people going around pancking and assuming wrong things (like for example that anything but one's hosting experience can be influenced negatively by what's happening), but flat out lying to us isn't the solution. Alam handled it pretty fine by just telling us that the MS is down simply to prevent more crashes, nothing more.
Nobody mentioned anything about the MS itself being "hacked", MI.
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