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Honestly, this level was just extremely boring for me.

- First off is the extremely flat level design.

Sonic can easily fuck other characters over since he can just thok everywhere he goes. There needs to be varying level design to compensate for this. Like hidden pathways for Knuckles and Tails so they can get an advantage over Sonic. And less huge open hallways, perhaps smaller hallways could be easier to get interesting level design into.

-Second off is the lack of any detail.

It's also uninteresting to look at, like I was just going through the same hallway over and over and over until I reached the goal. It uses the same textures over and over, a lot more variation in the texture choices could make things more nicer and interesting to look at.

I know you're probably new to making levels, and if you're having trouble with any sort of detail or level design, you can try looking at other maps in the game or here on the MB for inspiration. Or even the SRB2 Discord server.
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