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Hmm, this is quite challenging level for a race level, but there are some things that I have to say about this level:
  • This is long level, I mean, it took me with sonic 3 minutes to pass him! Think about how long will be race of 3 laps!
  • Seems pretty flatty, you may wanna add more decorations like lamps, alarms and more things that fit to mechanic theme level.
  • The parts of the lasers... You uh, stick to the idea that this is a race level right? It took me about more than 30 seconds to try my best to pass those lasers with sonic... But it kinda too hard for race level, people will get stuck at this part with sonic and will try to use tails or knuckles or someone else...

    Well, other than that, this is interesting race level and I just gonna say that I pretty like this level and I wish you the best for your next levels!
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