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Originally Posted by KingofFlames
Would this work with other 1.67 .cfgs? I hope so....because I don't want my Doom map go to waste if it bugs up....
Uh... maybe. Keep backups. Hexen definitely won't work, and of course Z offsets don't apply, but I think Doom should be okay.

Originally Posted by Tets
Meanwhile, the crashing is still prevalent. It is no longer a matter of whether or not it occurs, jjames, it is instead a question of why and how should it be avoided until the problem is fixed.
I'm intrigued about this one. I used it for a few hours later on yesterday, and haven't experienced this yet, although I don't doubt the bug's existence. I'll do my best to find it and squish it; any further information anyone can provide to help me to this end would be appreciated. Thanks.
SRB2 Doom Builder | Workbench is still development...
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