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Originally Posted by Mystic
Tempest Valley, Sunken Plant, and Aerial Garden are my personal favorite stages in the pack, and they were made in the process where I was "filling in" the stage selection.

Originally Posted by Mystic
Playing that stage I ran around in circles for at least 10 minutes until I stumbled across the jump across the water to the teleporter. You walk into a room, look around, see no exit and turn around and try another room.
Big, wide-open doorway for me, I guess.

Originally Posted by SRB2WikiSonicMaster
BZ4, I also know about the big secret in NSZ2 via NOCLIP. Looks like one of your faults in level design is putting decent secrets. That was quite a lame reward, actually.
Gee, thanks. The switchhunt is intended to add more content to the level, and keep the player interested longer. The journey in itself should be worth it, which you missed by noclipping your way through the last door.

Oh, and that cameo appearance wasn't the reward. The exit in that room leads to a secret map.
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