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I don't care what the context is--precision jumping should never mean the difference between life and death in a Mario Kart stage.
Where's this precision jumping you speak of? A picture please? I didn't have to jump in the stage at all. :/
Get over your obsession with that damn pillar in the center of the track; there is simply nothing redeeming about it.
Or you could know, follow the springs better? The literally spring you AROUND the pillar.

Also, I must once again advise you to be very careful about how you place curves. Don't put a sharp turn just after a jump, because only dumb luck is going to help you drift safely out of something like that.
I don't think dumb luck is needed when the part is just after springs and you can see clearly where to go while in mid-air. The turn isn't even that hard at all... Although I do think all the walls in the course need to be replaced with ones you can't accidentally drive and fall off of.

Additionally, those diagonal springs that launch you off the track unless you straddle between them with pinpoint precision drifting? In my view, their continued existence is not negotiable. They are nothing more than a gigantic middle finger to the player. They aren't fun, they aren't clever, and they aren't thrilling. They are irredeemably cheap and they have to go.
Now it's just starting to sound like your a bad angry strafer that's trying to play Mario Kart mode with mouse-look. Once you get the part down the first time, it's pretty easy.

In a good Mario Kart track, the hazards should be worth noting but pale in comparison to the danger of your opponents. If everyone is spending all their energy avoiding that pillar or those springs, or twisting around immediately after a jump, they can't spare a moment's notice for the race itself, let alone use items to shake things up.
Though the level isn't mushroom friendly, I can name many area's where you could screw over people easy with items. Actually, what I like most about this level is that it requires skill instead of cheap items. Sure I wouldn't want a level like that all the time, but I think that's what makes it unique.
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