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Just tried this out and I gotta say, I Game Over'd on the boss and didn't bother to try again. For a first boss, it's not forgiving enough, and making it harder would probably only make it worse for the player. It'd be okay as a late-game boss, but as the first boss it's awkwardly difficult after such an easy and pleasant level.

One way to fix this would be to remove the toxic goo, or at least make it take up a smaller part of the floor. Another way would be to make the crumbling rock floors just solid ground. The boss itself isn't too hard. The arena the boss is in is what makes it so cheaply tough (for a first boss, anyway)

With that out of the way, I absolutely love the one map you have in here. It's wide and open, beautiful, full of fun slopes, and original for a first level (I know it's the second act; I'm assuming the first act will have a similar aesthetic) Easily one of the best maps I've played for 2.1, no lie.

Some things that could improve the map even more would be to add more rings. And I'm not talkin' ring monitors, I mean actual rings. There are plenty of ring monitors. In fact, I found two of them before even getting a single ring. The player should be introduced to at least a few rings at the start of the level, and around every star post. Plus, rings can help guide the player and let them know where to go without making it too obvious.

The enemy sprites are a bit too small in my opinion. They don't really stand out, making them kinda easy to run into if you're not looking hard enough. One other thing: it seems you've improved this in recent screenshots, but I really think some areas could use some more texture variation. I'm mainly talking about the cave areas. They're cool, but it can be hard to see what exactly is in there and how the land is formed since it's all just about the same grey-black texture.

I know most of this reply is just me griping, but I'm not kidding when I say I love this map. I just wanna see it be as good and fun to play as it can possibly be! You've obviously spent a lot of time on this one map, and still seem to be working hard on it, so I'm excited to see what else will be in this pack when more zones get produced. Take your time, this pack has the potential to be amazing in the long run.
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