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Panda. 07-21-2018 11:33 PM

SSF2 Remapped Stages
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Super Smash Flash 2

Remapped stages!

Yeah finally, After I done making over 50 Maps by myself and I finally submit this here!

This stages were remapped from a game called Super Smash Flash 2.
These maps are all for match, and there's a one for co-op which called Waiting room where you punch the sandbag just waiting for players to join your server :]

There's also a music randomizer ! For all stages there are 2 musics for one stage, If you didn't like the stage's basic music then Reset the map so the randomizer will choose other music. Also there are many stages that doesn't have 2 musics so don't keep resetting the map so much. :P

Tutorial for how to play !
  • Just spin or jump into players to hit them and gain scores!
  • Find the Smash Ball to be super for 25 Seconds! But you cannot get rings or monitors while you done your 25 Seconds super.
  • There's a "Break the targets!" stages so you can practice and get the best record on your players. But careful you have only one minute to complete the stage. and 35 Seconds in Target Smash 4.
What are those stages ? There are so many!
  1. Waiting room -Coop- -Two musics there.-
  2. Battlefield -Match- -Two musics there.-
  3. Final Destination -Match- -Two musics there.-
  4. Metal Cavern -Match- -Two musics there.-
  5. Mushroom Kingdom I -Match-
  6. Bowser's Castle -Match- -Two musics there.-
  7. Galaxy Tours -Match-
  8. Yoshi Island -Match-
  9. Jingle Hijinx -Match- -Two musics there.-
  10. Gangplank Galleon -Match- -Two musics there.-
  11. Emerald Cave -Match-
  12. WarioWare Inc -Match-
  13. Hylian Skies -Match- -Two musics there.-
  14. Clocktime Town -Match- -Two musics there.-
  15. Sand Ocean -Match- -Two musics there.-
  16. Pokemon Stadium 3 -Match- -Two musics there.-
  17. Lake of Rage -Match-
  18. Rinbow Route -Match- -Two musics there.-
  19. Meteo Campaings -Match- -Two musics there.-
  20. Cateria -Match- -Two musics there.-
  21. Phase 8 -Match- -Two musics there.-
  22. Saturn Valley -Match-
  23. Palutena's Shrine -Match-
  24. Desk -Match-
  25. Flat + -Match-
  26. Steel Driver -Match-
  27. Nintendo 3DS -Match-
  28. Casino Night -Match- -Two musics there.-
  29. Sky Sancutary -Match- -Two musics there.-
  30. Skull Fortress -Match- -Two musics there.-
  31. Central Highway -Match- -Two musics there.-
  32. Bomb Factory -Match- -Two musics there.-
  33. Dracula's Castle-Match- -Two musics there.-
  34. PAC-MAZE -Match-
  35. Tower of Salvation -Match- -Two musics there.-
  36. Chaos Shrine -Match-
  37. Lunar Core -Match- -Two musics there.-
  38. Twilight Town -Match- -Two musics there.-
  39. Hidden leaf Village -Match- -Two musics there.-
  40. Final Valley -Match- -Two musics there.-
  41. Planek Namek -Match-
  42. World Tornament -Match-
  43. Hueco Mundo -Match- -Two musics there.-
  44. Mushroom Kingdom II -Match- -Two musics there.-
  45. Mushroom Kingdom III -Match- -Two musics there.-
  46. Peach's Castle -Match-
  47. Yoshi Island *64* -Match-
  48. Yoshi Story -Match-
  49. Temple -Match- -Two musics there.-
  50. Dream Land-Match-
  51. Sector Z -Match-
  52. Fourside -Match-
  53. Castle Siege -Match-
  54. Smashville -Match-
  55. Green Hill -Match- -Two musics there.-
  56. Hyrule Castle -Match- -Two musics there.-
  57. Saffron City -Match- -Two musics there.-
  58. Break the targets! 1 -Coop- -Two musics there.-
  59. Break the targets! 2 -Coop--Two musics there.-
  60. Break the targets! 3 -Coop- -Two musics there.-
  61. Break the targets! 4 -Coop--Two musics there.-
  62. Distant Planet -Match- -Old stage from SSF2 0.9-
  63. Shadow moses Island -Match--Old stage from SSF2 0.9-
And so, I worked on this map pack for too long and myself, and I hope you guys will like this map pack :]

Here's a Direct Download :
I made a direct download because I know you can't download the parts and load them, so I uploaded it to Google drive.

-Thanks for Confusion for making the super player not able to pick rings or monitors, and I fixed it to not let the super player not able to get coins and fling rings too.
-Thanks for LJ Sonik for making the Music Randomizer and some help in Target Smash!
-Thanks for ManimiFire for his allowing me to use his Smash Ball thing! But I changed the sprite to my ripped SSF2 Smash Ball, and made the smash ball do a white flash with a smash ball sound.

Prime 2.0 09-13-2018 04:15 AM

Welcome to Releases!

Meneum 09-14-2018 05:55 PM

This + a match server with WADS = Too much fun.
I can tell you by experience.

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