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Blade 03-16-2014 07:57 PM

Metal Sonic
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A new version of SRB2 means a new version of Metal Sonic! He's now far from being a Sonic clone, with his Hi-jump and Maximum Overdrive attack.

UPDATE - 1/16/17
  • Fixed a small bug that made Metal Sonic break in 2.1.17.

UPDATE - 11/12/14
  • Fixed a sound bug relating to the 2.1.12 update.

UPDATE - 10/15/14
It's been a while, but the new, hopefully final, version of Metal Sonic is out! Plenty of changes this time around.
  • New animations for Overdrive, falling, and spinning.
  • Upped the Hi-jump power.
  • Updated Overdrive effects.
  • Overdrive no longer damages players while charging.
  • Overdrive no longer damages friendly players in multiplayer modes.
  • Overdrive now has custom hit and death messages.
  • Overdrive can now break spin-breakable walls.
  • Most likely a few small tweaks that I forgot.
A big thanks to MotorRoach for the new, awesome spinning sprites!

UPDATE - 3/21/14
  • Fixed a bug concerning his Super form being completely invincible.
  • Added Super transformation sprites.
  • Lowered sound effect volume.

UPDATE - 3/20/14
  • Fixed an issue where sounds were played across the entire map.
  • Fixed a bug relating to his spintrail which caused the console to get spammed with an error.
  • Brand new spindash behavior.

Also included in the wad are some emblem sprites in case anyone wants to support Metal in their level pack.

Whackjood 03-16-2014 09:39 PM

All in all, this is a pretty great wad.

The character wads for 2.1 are off to a strong start it seems! Welcome to releases.

Larztard 03-16-2014 10:17 PM

Other than the spindash sound being too loud, I really like this wad. I can't wait to see what else 2.1 produces.

StarmakerJasper 03-16-2014 11:02 PM

2.1 breaks the entire mold of character making, and this is a pure example of what can be done aesthetically. Metal Sonic makes sounds while simply moving, has a jet trail, and that charging animation.

Oh my, that charging animation.

I definitely can't wait to see what I can do with Lua once I finally get to poking around with it.

Puppyfaic 03-17-2014 03:03 AM

This character is a blast to play as. His Hi-Jump, coupled with Sonic's speed, lets him take some interesting shortcuts that Sonic can't while still being able to keep up with everyone else despite his lack of a jump ability. Just finished playing through the campaign with him. This is currently my favorite character of the ones released so far. Keep it up, Blade.

Sapheros 03-17-2014 10:51 AM

I really like the metal sonic wad, you sound like a robot you're as fast as a robot sonic, and you can screw over your friends with the spin dash. I really hope to see some more of your work come alive.

Maximus Universal 03-17-2014 03:45 PM

This WAD is the best for the time being. Metal Sonic controls like well... Metal Sonic. Unlike the other 2.1 wads, this one isn't completely ridiculous

Yacker 03-17-2014 04:15 PM

Found a bug in it: Sometimes, if someone cfails or leaves while charging an overdrive or releasing one, the console gets spammed with this message until the map is reset: WARNING: ./MetalSonic.wad|LUA_GAME:5: attempt to index field 'target' (a nil value)

CobaltBW 03-17-2014 07:28 PM

Artwork and poses are good, but the duplicate sprites are really obvious in spots; would have been nice to see unique spring up/down animations. The spincharged jump mechanic is pretty interesting, but it doesn't feel like there are a lot of ways to take advantage of it in regular gameplay. The increased jump height is decidedly not that impressive considering what is sacrificed, but I guess it all balances out if you consider his pure speed stats.

If you replaced the sounds with someone running a vacuum cleaner, they wouldn't be much more obnoxious. The run sound in particular needs to be reduced in volume by about 20%, if not replaced with something else. Overall the entire soundpack feels out of place; Genesis/Megadrive sound effects would go a long way in increasing the authenticity of the entire package.

Zero_the_artificial 03-18-2014 06:39 PM

Awesome WAD. When i fought metal sonic, I thought. "Someone HAS to make a wad like this."
The only issue I have with this WAD is that when you use the Maximum Overdrive, you spin.
I think it would make it more cooler if he used the running animations there.
Anyways. An awesome character with unique abilities.

Maximus Universal 03-20-2014 06:59 PM

Metal Sonic's Overdrive spindash is very broken in 2.1.3.

Rex The Kitsune 03-20-2014 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by Maximus Universal (Post 743220)
Metal Sonic's Overdrive spindash is very broken in 2.1.3.

Everything is broken in 2.1.3. ;P

Maximus Universal 03-20-2014 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by Rex The Kitsune (Post 743221)
Everything is broken in 2.1.3. ;P

Well, Everyone knows THAT, but I wasn't expecting metal's spin to break.

RobloxDude.exe 03-20-2014 07:42 PM

Metal works fine on my PC and its a Windows XP.

Maximus Universal 03-20-2014 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by RobloxDude.exe (Post 743228)
Metal works fine on my PC and its a Windows XP.

And mine is too, and by the way, PUT SOME PUNCTUATION IN YOUR SENTENCES!!

Blade 03-20-2014 10:20 PM

Updated! Check first post for details.

EDIT : Updated again. Fixes a few bugs I missed.

Boom Sanic 03-21-2014 06:55 PM

The dl link isn't showing up for me.

Blade 03-21-2014 07:04 PM

Should be fixed now.

Smashnic 03-21-2014 07:37 PM

Wow that wad is really great. It feels very natural to control MS's high-jump. But when spinning on e.g. a conveyor belt MS switches into Overdrive mode. It's probably when you are spinning in a higher velocity than you should go when spinning normally without using Overdrive mode.

Burning-Fox 03-22-2014 01:09 AM

Apparently 2.1.4 broke this?

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