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glaber 03-11-2018 08:29 AM

Egg Capsule "Shutters" don't follow Rules
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Recently, I have discovered that the Egg Trap Shutters that use sector tag 681 actually totally ignore the part of the control sector that tells the shutters where to go. This can result in the shutter part still moving into position even with that part of the control sector missing

This only really affects maps with a boss on it and the intent is to already have the egg capsule out from under the ground. Maps with no boss will not have this problem.

in the attached screen shots, it shows that no matter what it was set to, the shutters always moved to its position as if underground.

I also included the wad file this was encountered in (current state matches that in srb20041)

Monster Iestyn 03-11-2018 02:49 PM

Yeah this is almost certainly because of your particular setup for the boss and capsule. Turns out that when a boss dies and calls A_BossDeath (and is set to raise the Egg Capsule), sectors with tag 680 and 682 move their floor up to the height of the highest surrounding floor (the ceiling is adjusted relatively by the change in floor height), while the 681 tagged sector(s) moves their floor to the next highest instead. Unfortunately this means the top shutter is going to use its "open" position after defeating the boss based on your current setup.

The workaround here may actually be to make the boss not use A_BossDeath at all. That is, unless you want the boss to fly away on death or something.

glaber 03-11-2018 04:34 PM

srb20040, the screen with the higher rest of the Egg capsule, was taken before the zone builder screen shot without the "boss defeated target sectors"

at this point I'm considering just dropping the "prespawn" thing for the capsule due to this issue.

(the prespawned capsule was dropped for the map after this post)

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