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Demnyx Onyxwing 12-20-2017 12:37 AM

Modern Monitors
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This replaces all known (to me) monitor sprites with their modern counterparts using the sprites from sc_2006 as a base. Each monitor's height has been adjusted to fit their sprite, in this case 50 fracunits. Included is a CVar called "touchpop" which is a modified version of Katmint's Touchpop Lua. Modified by Sapheros, this allows the user to keep the classic moniotor bouncing, but also allows for running through the monitors to pop them. Also included is a "poof" animation when a monitor is popped, a burst of dust particles normally, and a burst of bubbles while underwater.

Spoiler: Known Issues
- When using Subarashii, the monitor's icon HUD will not be displayed, as Subarashii overwrites the A_MonitorPop action.
- Random Monitor's icon does not appear when monitor is popped.

Spoiler: Changelog
January 13, 2018
- CTF Support! No more breaking the opposite team's monitors.
- Fixed Random Monitor Lua error
- Added CTF Monitors

If you wish to use this WAD, please add it last.


-CG7244-: Monitors sprites
TechnoGod: MonitorsPlus monitor icons
Inuyasha: LUA_ITEM script
Sapheros: Help with LUA_POOF and a modified TouchPop
Monster Psychic Cat: Lua Assistance

Prime 2.0 01-14-2018 07:44 AM

Sorry for the delay. Welcome to Releases!

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