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Kalaron 06-10-2011 09:19 PM

SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)
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What is it:
SRB2 Community Build is a source code mod that is both a refinement and extension of the game engine that powers SRB2.

SRB2CB's goal is to provide an alternative SRB2 engine that brings a new breath of fresh air into SRB2 for both players and modders alike.

NOTE: SRB2CB is more centered toward modders and level designers, there's features in here for everyone too, but I'll focus more on modding capabilities and adding new features to the engine


SRB2CB v1.1

Regular Version

Download (includes a bunch of example wads for modders)

Source code: (not needed to use SRB2CB, this is if you want to see how it works)


Special PNG Edition for modders ONLY

This version allows you to just go crazy on the textures, WAY easier texture adding, no color restrictions, and images size up to 2048x2048 are supported

Any modders should have no trouble using this release to make some cool levels, as always the source code is included for you to customize anything you want ;)


Source code with PNG goodness:

New Extended PNG Texture Pack: More than 200+ community made textures

Replace srb2cb.wad with this new one, this wad is constantly updated between SRB2CB releases, so always make sure you're up to date so you can have all the latest textures and play mods that use SRB2CB and the texture packs that come with it.

This a complete PNG conversion of all flats and textures in the game, PLUS 200 community-made textures from 2008 - 2011

Feel free to add any textures or sprites to this new texture wad, SRB2CB uses it to run, but it can be modified and added to independent of the SRB2CB version - so any new texture/sprite art content can be updated for any modders to use right away.

Again, Feel free to submit any textures or ANYTHING you want to this! It's a community effort!


Full color texture support and easier adding
Breaking away from regular SRB2's image format, which was limited to 256 colors and handled resolutions of up to 256x256 - SRB2CB's new PNG feature allows modders to focus on adding art to their projects without worrying about color loss or image size restrictions, SRB2CB uses lossless color quality and can handle image sizes from 32x32 up to 2048x2048, with support for any non-power of two image size in between as well(You're not restricted to 64x64, 128x128, 256x256 and so on)

Easy texture adding:

The default SRB2 uses a fixed texture list: Before you had to manually edit the name and the resolution of a texture before adding it in and sometimes you even had to break up a texture into multiple parts, now you don't need to worry about that. Add a single texture image into your data file and SRB2CB lets you use it without a fuss.

You can also interchangeably use the same texture both on walls and floors too - no more worrying about corrupted floor and ceiling texture data like the old method had.

Frivilous extras!

You'll find small little touches and differences from the default SRB2 in this mod, from new shields, new items, and console commands to random little easter eggs.


Feature list:

Improved OpenGL renderer - OpenGL mode has finally been FIXED and improved!
  • OpenGL mode is capable of displaying nearly all level effects with little to no visual errors
  • Extreme optimizations, you can look in all directions with no disappearing objects and the framerate got a 150% boost compared to SRB2's default OpenGL renderer
  • Much richer colormap effects
  • Coronas are back and they also got a major speed boost!
  • New sprite shadows that stay in one direction (enabled using shadows 1 in the console)

Polyobjects render flats!
They are rendered by default, so now a whole new dimension of map-making is now possible!
Mappers can configure a polyobject's startline to render the top and or bottom of the polyobject, give the start line a flag of:
  • Bouncy - to make it not render the Bottom of the polyobject
  • Transfer line - to make it not render the Top of the polyobjects

Ever wanted to make the sky a 3D background? Well now you can.
You can render another part of a map as the sky, it looks like this:

*** Slopes ***
…wait, what? Yes, slopes. WITH COLLISION AND PHYSICS
  • Roll down a slope to gain momentum
  • Jump while going up a slope and gain vertical momentum
  • Run off a slope and you go upwards a bit - so ramps are possible now
  • Floor and Ceiling slopes
  • Dynamic slopes that can change according to the height of a sector
  • Any sector of any shape or size can be sloped, no limits on how many vertexes!
  • Slopes are setup by linedef (ZDoom/GZDoom style for those who are familiar with slopes)
  • Even grass edges can be sloped!
  • Slope within slope support

  • Crazy physics like running on walls is not supported with slopes....(yet), but the physics included are decent enough to make functional ramps that you can catapult off of at high speeds

Mult-character MD2's
(Custom character MD2s are now supported)

Here's how you set them up:
In your MD2.dat file, use this format

Nameofcharacter md2filename.md2 scale 0.0

Sonic Sonic.MD2 3.0 0.0
Tails Tails.MD2 3.0 0.0
Knuckles Knuckles.MD2 3.0 0.0

The part with (name).md2 is the filename and can be changed.
The first word in the line is the name of the actual character.
Another example:


Cream Cream3D.md2 3.0 0.0
^ This will load an MD2 named "Cream3D.md2" for the character "Cream"
The character's name is the same name used when typing "skin" in the console.
MD2.dat is also no longer case-sensitive, so typing:
Cream, CREAM, cream, or even CReaM will still be recognized by the game.

New and improved bots - They use their abilities in Coop mode and are just a bit smarter in Match mode, they are also stable and are a lot less likely to crash the game.

A new kind of Motion Blur! - works with speed sneakers, hitting a red spring (try GFZ2), or when falling down at a fast speed (you have to see this for yourself, no screenshot :P )

Balloon fountains and particle fountains!

Other Nice Stuff:
You can take a screenshot without having a message flood your console
(clears console lines that are on screen too)

You can unspin while rolling by pressing the spindash button again
New "shield" command gives the player a shield from 1-8

Scale works up with 25-500 (and up to 5,000 when scaling other objects)

The camera auto-adjusts to slopes!

New Sonic 3 shields, Flame, Lightning, and Bubble shield!

Brand new multiplayer colors, including purple, dark red, dark blue, black, neon green, and hot pink.

New Linedef Effects:
  • 386 Slope Frontsector Floor
  • 387 Slope Frontsector Ceiling
  • 388 Slope Frontsector Floor & Ceiling
  • 389 Slope Backsector Floor
  • 390 Slope Backsector Ceiling
  • 391 Slope Backsector Floor & Ceiling
  • 392 Slope Backsector Floor & Front Ceiling
  • 393 Slope Backsector Ceiling & Front Ceiling
  • 80 - Spring Bouncer
    The length of the line determines the strength, this makes a sector tagged with this effect act like a spring!
  • 446 Set 2D Camera Distance"
    Linedef executor that changes how far the camera is from the player for 2D mode

New Objects:
  • 580 - Hang-glider
  • 582 - Skateboard
  • 572 - Bumper (works like a diagonal spring but doesn't put the player into a different animation
  • 570 - Yellow sideways spring
  • 573 - Balloon - like a spring except animated and floats!
  • 574 - Respawning Balloon - can be jumped on more than once
  • 571 - Red sideways spring
  • 575 - Big balloon fountain - activates a swirl of multi-colored balloons!
  • 576 - Small balloon fountain
  • 585 - Particle fountain!
  • 586 - Spiral particle fountain!
  • 790 - skybox viewer
  • 791 - skybox map center
  • 440 - Sonic 3 & K Bubble Shield
  • 441 - Sonic 3 & K Flame Shield
  • 442 - Sonic 3 & K Lightning Shield

For dynamic 2D mode, there are some special objects that allow mappers to more easily align the player to the 2D track!
  • These are triggered when a player enters a dynamic 2D sector, so these objects must be placed in an "Enable 2D mode" sector to work
  • Just place these objects to where you want the player to be
  • These objects automatically teleport the player and do not effect the player's speed.
  • 780 - Aligns only the players X axis
  • 781 - Aligns only the players Y axis
  • 782 - Aligns only the players Z axis
  • 783 - Aligns the players X and Y axis
  • 784 - Aligns the players X and Y and Z axis
  • 785 - Aligns the players Z and X axis
  • 786 - Aligns the players Z and Y axis

New Sector Effects:
15 - Spring Sector (works with spring sector linedef)

**More detailed documentation coming soon to the SRB2wiki**


  • SRB2CB is OpenGL based, so nearly all of these new features have been designed for / can only be feasibly done in OpenGL.
  • The OpenGL system has undergone some changes, so even if your computer couldn't run OpenGL mode before, it might work with SRB2CB.
  • SRB2CB requires data files from SRB2 v2.05 or later
  • SRB2CB is still under development, so not all features may work perfectly yet
  • Also, to experienced mappers, feel free to add any SRB2CB mapping tips to the wiki for things such as slopes or skyboxes

OpenGL tips:
  • Turning fog mode on is EXTREMELY recommend, it's almost required for things to look nice
  • Fog density of at least 64 is also recommended
  • The game automatically starts in OpenGL mode
  • If the game gives an error when you start it up in windowed mode, try running it in full screen, or try changing SRB2CB's resolution in your config.cfg file or autoexec.cfg file

Special thanks to Nev3r, ZTurtleman, and a bunch of other people on srb2's IRC channel!


akb778 06-10-2011 09:29 PM


EDIT: Found a glitch... Homing attack's broken.

kyllian1212 06-10-2011 09:31 PM

Looks like soooo awesome.
Question,bots are addable by putting addbot in the console or the game itself add it?Also is the source code required for the game to run?And how to put it in full screen?

Edit 3 years later: Yes, my english was bad.

Autosaver 06-10-2011 09:34 PM

Wait, what? Features that the official team couldn't get to work for years and you have them all done? Holy crap is this a load of new features! Slopes!?!

I'm pretty sure a lot of people will adore these features. People have requested multiple 3D models for ages. Actually, I think people will make more MD2s just because multiple models can be played at once now.

This is amazing, you never cease to surprise everyone with your wonderful talent. After a lot of people going stale with the latest version, and people whining about the lack of Open-GL support. You will be praised.

VelocitOni 06-10-2011 09:48 PM

I just noticed how smart the bots in coop are. For example, I was standing in very deep water with a Sonic and Tails bot, seeing if they'd be dumb enough to drown with me while I had an elemental shield. The Sonic bot quickly reacted a few seconds before the drown timer, turned around, and ran to a far spring ahead of me to get air. The Tails bot started to fly up to get some air as well; and even more mysteriously, they both came back and repeated the process over and over. Amazing in my opinion. Just goes to show that SRB2 can be so much more than it is if OpenGL's the standard for the audience.
EDIT: I also noticed they collect rings. I went to Map 50 (Special Stage 1) and the Sonic bot did everything for me, all I had to do was guide it to the areas with rings.
EDIT2: They also kill badniks for me, but act strange toward Robotnik/Eggman.
EDIT3: Arggghhhh! It's doing that annoying thing where the game moves extremely slow when you open the exe again. Any help?
EDIT4: Had to re-download it. For some reason, it works better a 2nd time in windowed mode.
EDIT5: When using "addfile", putting in an incorrect or non-existent file name crashes SRB2CB.
You have reached the editing limit.

Monster Iestyn 06-10-2011 09:49 PM

Hey guys, here's some crazy slope test map for SRB2CB I made some time recently:

The Spherical Zone - SRB2CB Edition

Basically, the stage is a literal sphere, made entirely of slopes.

VelocitOni 06-10-2011 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by Monster Iestyn (Post 708792)
Hey guys, here's some crazy slope test map for SRB2CB I made some time recently:

The Spherical Zone - SRB2CB Edition

Basically, the stage is a literal sphere, made entirely of slopes.

Nice anti-gravity effect there.

Wolfy 06-10-2011 10:05 PM

Impressive but the bots are INCREDIBLY stupid in Special Stages 3 and 4, haven't tried the others. The fact that they follow you everywhere gets them to fuck up special stages for you. And may I ask, why is the netcode broken? I wanna test out all the features with online buddies D:

Arf 06-10-2011 10:07 PM

As I said in the first topic, this looks absolutely fantastic and blows away any expectations I might have had.

Way to go, Kalaron, way to go.

TeenBlade 06-10-2011 10:19 PM

This mod never ceases to amaze me...

chi.miru 06-10-2011 10:21 PM

I'm glad to see how far this actually got!
And slopes work perfectly o.-

Shiron 06-10-2011 10:29 PM


My custom level, Ancient Yard, looks amazing in this!
Although I found some bugs:

This happens with fog blocks.

Callum 06-10-2011 11:42 PM


Originally Posted by Tyler52 (Post 708799)
This happens with fog blocks.

That's because Kalaron faked the fog block fix by rendering a coloured transparent FOF there instead. ;P

Violo 06-10-2011 11:48 PM

Man, I feel like remaking Knothole Zone with these slopes and stuff.

Chrome 06-10-2011 11:48 PM

Tails can jump infinitely on the surface of water as long as he starts flying before touching the water blocks edge.

Also, I cannot for the life of me get the character md2s to work. I've renamed PLAY.md2 to SONIC.md2 and changed the md2.dat to SONIC SONIC.md2 3.0 0.0, yet sonic remains the same, am I doing something wrong?

Violo 06-10-2011 11:51 PM

I'll do the necessary "Use gr_md2 on", but maybe it's just a simple oversight. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll check in a bit.

Chrome 06-11-2011 12:02 AM

It's the character md2 specifically that doesn't work, the others show up just fine.

VelocitOni 06-11-2011 12:25 AM


Originally Posted by Iceman404 (Post 708791)
Arggghhhh! It's doing that annoying thing where the game moves extremely slow when you open the exe again. Any help?

Hahahahahaha--No really, how the hell do you fix this; IT KEEPS HAPPENING!!

Fawfulfan 06-11-2011 01:06 AM

Okay, there's no way that the next version of SRB2 can't feature at least some of these modifications. This is freaking incredible.

My only complaint so far is your annoying change to Analog Mode. Why does the camera flip automatically when Knuckles glides backwards?

Oh, and the player takes damage whenever the skin gets changed. What the heck?

glaber 06-11-2011 01:27 AM

I just though of something. If we use the skyboxes in open areas, does that mean we have to resort to the dreaded invisable wall, or a large gap?

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