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Ezehot52 11-13-2018 02:29 AM

Early Sonic
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If we were to use the very earliest SRB2 sprites from 1999 in the Xmas demos, how would it be? well... I present to you...

with SSNTails (aka my first god) permission.

Yes, I'm not joking! This sonic is the very first SRB2 3D Sonic Ever made! (maybe)

Ability: Multithok

This fits in VERY alright with SRB2 the past.


v2: Super Sonic from demo 4 is here! plus, a new character select image, plus a little buffed Multithok!

v1: intinal release
Known Issues:

- The large lives icon from very older versions of SRB2 is a nice touch, but, it overlaps the multiplayer status screen.
Do you wanna try it? Download it!

SSNTails 11-15-2018 01:42 AM

I approve this message.

Prime 2.0 11-21-2018 08:48 AM

While I disagree with the choice to not allow color changing of the sonic xtreme frames, I won't be turning this down simply for erring on the side of authenticity.

Welcome to Releases!

Dee 11-22-2018 01:28 AM

Hm... Intresting...

Elyos03 11-22-2018 02:37 PM

Another traveler of the past comes to the present. That's quite nice, actually.

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