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OrageSpark 06-07-2017 05:37 PM

[TUTORIAL] How to host a server ?

1° How to host a server ?

Hi fellow mobians ! Today, I'm gonna teach you how to host a server on SRB2 (Windows).

Before we start, I want to point out that I'm French. I might make some grammar mistakes, sorry about this !
Baguette Power \o/

"Curses ! Why won't it work already ?"

First, you need to have your port forwarded.
To do that, you must type your IPv4 address in your browser's search bar (it works on anything : Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari... even Internet Explorer !).
To find your IPv4, you need to open the "cmd", also known as the command prompt. In order to find it, you'll need to type "cmd" in the Windows search bar (if you're using Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10), or to open the "Run..." command by holding both Windows and R keys, and to type "cmd" in the bar (if you're using XP).

Once you've opened the cmd, type "ipconfig" and hit that Enter key.

You'll suddenly see a lot of informations. No worries, you won't need them all.

Now look for your IPv4 address. Once you've found it, type it in your search bar and press the Enter key. It should take you to your operator's web page from which you'll be able to setup stuff such as changing your IPv4 or, of course, forwarding your ports.
Of course, the page is not the same for everyone depending on which is your operator, but what you can do in it is mostly the same for you all.

You should see something that looks like this :

For everyone, the ID should be "admin" (or "administrator"), but the password might not be "admin", unlike what you can probably hear when you watch a tutorial on YouTube. For example, I had to type my box's password to access to the page. But if you can change your password later, I would recommend you to do so.

Now, I will add two additionnal steps that you probably won't find in any video. These are very helpful : I've actually had some issues and I had to change two things so I could host a server that is joinable for everyone.

1. Check if your IPv4 address is in your DHCP's range.

Yeah, that might sound weird, but it's actually pretty easy. Have a look :

In this case, my IPv4 was in the DHCP's range, which is -
If your IPv4 is in the DHCP's range, it means that if you host a server, it will only be accessible from your internal network, and we'll need to set the IPv4 to another address so the server can be accessible from anywhere... unless you're just going to host a LAN game, but this is not what we're looking for.
I had to set my IPv4 at

If your IPv4 is already out of the DHCP's range, you're good. If not, you will have to set it to a different address.

2. Check if you have a static IPv4.

There are two types of IPv4 : static ones and dynamic ones. While static ones don't change, dynamic ones will change every time you launch your PC. It means that if you forward a port on a specific address, if you're using a dynamic IPv4, you'll have to forward your ports on a new address every time you'll want to host a server... and you don't want to do that.

If you have a dynamic IPv4, you'll have to delete it and then to set a static one. The procedure might change depending on your operator, but it shouldn't be too hard.

Very important !
Restart your PC if you've changed your IPv4, or else it won't work.

Now that you've done this, move on the "NAT/PAT" section (it's usually called that way). This is where serious stuff begins : we are going to forward our ports (finally !).

Here's what to do :

1. Create a new "rule".
2. Give it a name of your choice.
3. Create port forward entries : "5029" and "5029 - 5029"
4. Choose the UDP protocol
5. Choose your PC in the devices list
6. Create !

That's it !

Now, launch a multiplayer game on SRB2. Put it in the Casual Room if you're just going to test it. To make sure it's accessible, go on the Master Server's page and check if :

1. Your server is visible
2. You see its ping and gametype
3. When you click on "Query", the server responds and gives informations about the level you're currently playing in

If you see those three things, congrats :

You have succesfully hosted a server !

Here's your reward : a cute Felicia gif ! Don't thank me !

Jazzz 06-07-2017 07:26 PM

Nice tutorial man. Everything is well explained, it will sure help people to host their server, since opening the ports is a recurrent FAQ on new players.
I'll point out that some routers don't have the "NAT/PAT" section, just "Port Fowarding", like mine:
Keep up the good work!
I loved the reward also.

OrageSpark 06-07-2017 09:31 PM

Thanks !


Boo 06-10-2017 04:42 PM

Very good instructions, i recommend this to newcomers!

OrageSpark 06-10-2017 04:43 PM

Thanks a lot !

LoLface299 06-14-2017 11:29 PM

Finally, a REAL tutorial! This should be useful for most people so they don't bug other people about it.....wait that'll happen anyways

JaySpark9 05-11-2018 01:14 AM

Well for me the server is visible, but ping and gametype is "?"

ItsKooper 05-11-2018 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by JaySpark9 (Post 800615)
Well for me the server is visible, but ping and gametype is "?"

This happens to me as well, even after port forwarding and doing everything mentioned in this tutorial. I guess it's a problem from my router.

Panda. 05-24-2018 02:16 AM

I just followed the tutorial exactly, but still no luck, I can't visible my server, My router isn't that slow net but still have no idea Why it doesn't want to show up the port.

Even using my Default Gateway ( or External IP ( shows me that I must use my IPv4 address ( so I used it but still nothing, Should I use both TCP/UDP protocols ?

Sryder13 05-26-2018 01:03 PM

Based on the image, and you saying you're using your Gateway, I'd say the Destination IP address needs to be the computer you want to host from's IP address. Should be findable with ipconfig as IPv4 Address or something.

Rapidgame7 05-26-2018 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by Sryder13 (Post 800919)
Based on the image, and you saying you're using your Gateway, I'd say the Destination IP address needs to be the computer you want to host from's IP address. Should be findable with ipconfig as IPv4 Address or something.

To add to this, "Destination IP" may also mean what IP must the traffic come from for the router to redirect it to your computer. In that case, routers usually let you leave the field blank, or if that's not possible, use as a destination IP.

Might also want to add that NAT and Port Forwarding are not the same.

If you can't get it to work, you can also set your IP as a DMZ server. Careful though, that allows all traffic from all ports to the DMZ server (whatever IP you set it to).

Panda. 05-28-2018 01:04 PM
I tried to do what you both told me to do, But still no luck.
I left the field blank which not able to set that, I used which doesn't want to set that too, and I opened my DMZ but still no good. all my Destination IP wants to be is "".

What my ipconfig shows me is that :

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : VodafoneMobile.wifivodafonemobile.api
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::c9ef:f6df:5d2:fa13%12
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : fe80::2609:95ff:fe6b:ba8d%12

doom 06-04-2018 10:34 AM

If my server appears on the Master Server with information like Gametype and Map, does that mean I forwarded my port?

MK.exe 06-04-2018 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by doom (Post 801076)
If my server appears on the Master Server with information like Gametype and Map, does that mean I forwarded my port?

Yes, if it has question marks for the player count the port hasnt been forwarded. If you host regularly do keep an eye on the MS to see if your server is up. Some people have Dynamic IPs meaning they'll have to port forward again.

doom 06-04-2018 05:03 PM

A port forwarding guide for Panda's router.

Meneum 06-04-2018 11:51 PM

Help, what do I do if everytime I try to portforward I get an error saying:
"Invalid internal and external ports."
plz help D:

Panda. 06-11-2018 11:11 PM


Originally Posted by doom (Post 801081)

Welp, It still no work; Because I get into that website already before you post it to me and still no work.
But in that case, Thanks for helping me!

doom 06-17-2018 06:20 AM

Have you tried hosting in Standard room?

Panda. 06-25-2018 09:24 AM


Originally Posted by doom (Post 801218)
Have you tried hosting in Standard room?

Of course I did, Standard and Casual I tried, But still doesn't work. If you wish you gonna help me on this you may but on discord please, if not then okay. Thanks.

GastlyGibus™ 07-30-2018 02:26 PM

Thanks for the tutorial, now if i ever wan't to try to play with my friends i will use it.

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