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Tempest 12-21-2017 04:36 PM

Tempest character WAD
Heyy! Remember me? Probably not, but whatever.

I'm that dude that was planning on making a Tails remake. Yeah... not gonna happen, sorry.

Anyways, i'm planning on making a new WAD, and this one is for real. Yes, it is a fan character and, before everyone throws rocks at me, i did use dirk.wad as a base for proportions, alrite? This is my very first soon-to-be-completed WAD, so i'm aware i might need to improve a lot.

I'm making this post mainly to ask about the sprites. Good? Bad? Is the shading alright?

walking animation (front)

idle animation

i'm not gonna publish the wad file yet, cuz i didn't do a single line of Lua, i'm gonna save that for last. So what about it?

Sapheros 12-21-2017 05:07 PM

The basis on Dirk is a little... too close. that walking cycle is literally the same as Dirk, have you considered a different walking cycle to separate the difference between your character and Dirk?

Whackjood 12-21-2017 05:32 PM

If you want to use Dirk's work as a base, have you gotten permission from DirkTH to use his sprites? If you want to post this wad on the releases sub-forum, you will need permission or it won't get released.

Other people know their sprite art better than I do, but it's probably to make a character wad of your own design rather than base it off of Dirk's spritework. It's definitely fine to study Dirk's art and learn what works through his sprites though.

Tempest 12-21-2017 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by Sapheros (Post 797966)
The basis on Dirk is a little... too close.

K, i'm gonna re-do that.

Lach 12-22-2017 05:29 PM

I'm a little confused by the design of the character. What's he supposed to be? An axolotl? What on earth are the ear flaps for? Is his muzzle black or is it an article of clothing? It's not very appealing, at least to me. There's nothing coherent or clear about his features.

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